The Cat’s Out of the Bag

By Cheryl Jones

Before Governor Mike Pence’s acceptance speech, Donald J.Trump gave a substantial speech and referenced something that should be of interest to all Catholics, Christians, and Jews.

He referred to the 1954 gag order put in place by Lyndon B. Johnson, who was then a Senator.
There were restrictions placed on religious free speech. To violate those restrictions would endanger the non-profit tax status of a church or religious organization. Prior to that, churches did not have restrictions on political speech. They could even endorse candidates.

That is a far cry from where we are today. The churches are unable to tackle the political issues of the day because they are bound and muzzled by this gag order. This is what Trump referred to in his speech. But now that “the cat’s out of the bag” it is time to get to work to bring freedom of speech back to the churches.

The sheep of the flock, whatever denomination, look to their respective religious leaders for direction. When nothing is said from the leadership, the sheep are left to fend for themselves on their own and figure out what is happening. ISIS is growing as a threat worldwide.

There are all sorts of influences attempting to tear down the family, the Judeo/Christian roots of western society, the ability for those in the armed forces to pray, and the ability of students to carry a Bible or speak of Jesus in school. People are put out of business for following the dictates of their conscience. It is time for the church to arise.

In his acceptance speech, Governor Mike Pence, not specifically referring to the above, but in simply making a general comment stated, “weakness arouses evil”. The church has become progressively weaker since 1954.

Bible and prayer were taken out of the schools. The church has been muzzled. The church has become a weak force in terms of influencing society. We can look around and see the devastation and destruction as a result. Evil has arisen. It is time for the church to arise again.