Hillary Clinton reckless, but not criminal? Would you hire a reckless person to do an important job for you?

James Comey has concluded that Hillary Clinton is careless, but not criminal. Now, the court of public opinion must weigh in.

LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) – After a yearlong investigation by the FBI, the agency has concluded that Clinton trafficked classified info on a private server, which is against the law. They also concluded that her email was probably hacked and read.

The FBI did not find that her offenses were deliberate. This lack of clear, criminal intent is Clinton’s salvation. The FBI concluded that Clinton is careless, but not quite criminal. The decision has most thinking people scratching their heads, but the American people seem resigned and weary of the case anyway.

Now, the court of public opinion must ask, is this the kind of person we want to be president?

Hillary Clinton was reckless with classified information. She put personal convenience over safety and security.

How is this a qualification for the presidency?

A person who runs for the highest office in the land must meet a high standard for judgement and integrity. This standard is higher than for ordinary, or even most professional people. Certain mistakes, even trivial ones, can disqualify you.

The president is the chief executive of the nation. The person in the Oval Office must uphold all the laws of the land. Deliberately breaking the law, especially for personal convenience, ought to disqualify you.

The fact that criminal charges were not filed against Clinton does not mean she’s actually innocent. It just means they could not make the charges stick in a court of law. Or, they chose not to fight the battle for political or practical reasons. A lot of guilty people escape prosecution this way.

Normally, we write such incidents off as “the way the system works.” We understand that sometimes guilty people will go free. But that does not mean we should then elect them president.

The justice system has given Hillary Clinton another pass on another case of bad judgement. This is a hallmark of the Clinton Crime Family. No other political family has so much controversy swirling about their name. No other family has faced so many criminal investigations, or beat them with such an incredible record of success.

It could be that the Clintons are the most innocent victims of rightwing character assassination attempts in history.

Or, it could be that where there’s smoke, there’s also fire. Except the Clinton’s are good at putting out the flames before the authorities arrive.

Whatever the case may be, it is now up to the court of public opinion to say enough is enough to Clinton and her self-serving ways.

Either we, the American people, fire her ourselves and oust her from politics once and for all, or we deal with her poor decision making for the next four years.

Just ask yourself, would you hire a person so reckless to work for you?