what you need to remember when budgeting your registry

You and your fiancé love to cook, and while you were registering you found that perfect set of knives. Only problem? It costs $800. Do you add it to your registry in hopes a few friends will go in on the set together? Or do you look for a cheaper model? This is a common conundrum for newly-engaged couples shopping to complete their first home together. You want to outfit your kitchen, bedroom, and living spaces with quality products — but you don’t want to be a burden to your guests’ wallets. So what do you do?

First, consider your registry a wish list.
Just because you hit the trigger on that barcode scanner doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed that item in the gift pile. Go into registry shopping knowing that you may not get everything you ask for — and that you’re certainly lucky if you do. Adopt the attitude that it’s okay if you don’t get everything on your dream list. After all, it’s not a registry that makes a marriage.

Don’t think you know what people will spend on you.
You may be surprised about a friend’s gift budget. Or your aunt and uncle may think more of you than you ever thought. On the other hand, your bestie might feel she’s spent enough as your bridesmaid and is cutting down on your gift allowance. Regardless of which side of the coin they’re on, never expect that what you would spend on a wedding is what a guest would.

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That leads us to our next point: Variety is the spice of life, and the key to a well-thought out registry.
Put that $800 knife block on your list, but then make sure you also have more affordable options to choose from — like kitchen utensils and picture frames, or serving platters in the $50 range. This way, guests who can’t afford those high-ticket items still have something to choose from. Leave it up to your guests to decide what to spend.

Finally, choose where you register wisely.
If you have high-end taste and you know it, strongly consider where it is that you register. While department stores may sell those ultra-nice pots and pans you want — so might another store, like Bed, Bath and Beyond, that is more likely to have sales and coupon codes. If you’re worried an item is too pricey, having a discount-friendly retailer might be the key to making it more affordable for your friends and family.